Liz (CD)


Liz Humbard’s second album may be her most popular album of all. Songs such as: I Just Came to Praise the Lord, Say I Do, He Was There All the Time and Jesus Be the Lord of All are just a few of the songs on this album.

Tracks include:

  1. I Just Came to Praise the Lord
  2. He Never Changes
  3. Give Them All
  4. One Solitary Life
  5. Didn’t He Shine
  6. Looking to Find
  7. I Should Have Been Crucified
  8. Say I Do
  9. He Was There All the Time
  10. Jesus is Lord of All


For the past 25 years, the music of Rex and Maude Aimee, Liz, the Humbard Family Singers and the Cathedral Singers has not been made available to the general public and friends of the Rex Humbard Ministry and Foundation. Not since the days of the eight-track and cassette tape has the music of the Humbard family been offered to the general public.

Now, for the first time in all of these years, the complete set of Humbard Family Ministry Music is available to you on this website. All of these albums have been digitally remastered and brought up to date with the modern standards of today’s industry.

Don’t miss your chance to have this wonderful gospel music in your home. It will make a difference in your life.