The Soul Winning Century


Few people have touched more lives with the Gospel of Christ more than Rex Humbard. A 1999 issue of US News & World Report distinguished him as one of the top 25 “Shapers of the American Century.” Saturday Evening Post wrote, “Putting God on Main Street” has been the goal of this dedicated preacher for more than 60 years. Now, thanks to the electronic media, Rex Humbard’s “Main Street” stretches around the world.”



In the early 70’s the publisher of Time Magazine traveled to Akron, Ohio to interview Rex for a feature article in Time. Following their meetings Mr. Grunwald explained to Rex that he did not know exactly what to call him in the article. Rex was a pastor, a television preacher and evangelist. From this discussion Rex Humbard was first called, by Time Magazine, a “Tele-Evangelist.” The words “Tele-Evangelist” was directly used to describe Rev. Rex Humbard.

In his candid, revealing memoir, “The Soul Winning Century,” Rex Humbard traces his families humble beginnings of soul winning that now spans the globe for the cause of Christ. In this book you will read about the struggles of his humble beginnings in Arkansas to the building a ministry that was broadcast on television to more than 2,000 stations in 77 different languages.

Pastor Benny Hinn says, “Every time I sit with this precious couple, Rex and Maude Aimee Humbard, or meet with them in they’re living room, I feel as if I am receiving “Manna from Heaven.” As you read each chapter, you will realize more than ever what a blessing the Humbard family is to the body of Christ.”

Pastor Jack Hayford commented that “Rex Humbard first touched my life when I was in high school and he and his family came to our home church in Oakland, California. During that series of meetings, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.Beyond that beginning, and over the many years following, Rex Humbard became a model in character and in pace-setting ministry for hosts of pastors who like me remain grateful for him to this day.”

In this book you will read how Rex Humbard pioneered television evangelism beginning in 1953 and expanded the reach of the Gospel from the Cathedral of Tomorrow around the world. You will also read how Rex was Elvis Presley’s favorite television preacher and maintained a friendship with Elvis and his family for many years. He was also honored to conduct Elvis Presley’s memorial service upon his passing more than 35 years ago.

Never before has Rex discussed his relationship with Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamster’s Union, and how without the help of Jimmy Hoffa the Cathedral of Tomorrow would never have been built and the ministry that circled the globe would never have been realized.

In this book you will read page after page describing these and many more wondrous stories about the life, times and ministry of Rev. Rex Humbard. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive your hard back, 252 page book, along with beautiful photos of the early ministry, the Cathedral of Tomorrow and the Rex Humbard family of today.