Sermon: “Yesterday, Today and Forever” (DVD)


One of Rev. Humbard's most requested sermons. In this DVD you will hear the story of “Little Johnny” who was facing a terrible crisis in his life and was even facing death. During this crisis he told his Parents and Doctors he wanted to “Say His Prayers” just like he did every evening before he went to sleep. Just before the put the mask over his face to begin the operation, he said his prayers, like he always did. By doing this, Rex explains how we should live out lives much like Johnny. Yesterday he said his prayers, today he did the same and forever he will live with the Lord, because he did not change a single thing in his daily walk with Christ. Rev. Humbard, on this DVD, challenges us all to live our lives so that when the time of crisis arrives, you need make no changes in your “Yesterday, Today and Forever.”