Rex Humbard Memorial Service


Since the day that Rex Humbard went home to be with the Lord in September 2007, the family has had countless hundreds of requests for his Memorial Service.

The Humbard Family has never allowed this service to be shown in public. However, now, for the first time, we are making available Rev. Rex Humbard's Home Going Memorial Service.

Speaking at this service is the Rev. Benny Hinn, the Rev. Wayne Jones, Rev. Clement Humbard, Rex's younger brother, and countless others who loved and cherished Rex Humbard; but more than Rex personally, his soul winning ministry that touched thousands of lives around the world.



Making a musical appearance at this Memorial Service is Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin brothers, and also Bill Gaither who is a life long friend of The Humbard Family.

This will be your only opportunity to receive a copy of this Memorial Service. The message and music contained in this DVD will bless your heart and cause you to have a greater understanding of the ministry and outreach of Rev. Rex Humbard to a lost and hurting world.

Don’t miss this opportunity. The members of the Humbard family have made this service available, only on this site at this time. It will not be available after this special opportunity.