“I tell you the truth, whoever hears what I say and believes in the one who sent me has eternal life…”  (John 5:24)

When you recognize God as your Savior and creator, you will truly love and admire Him. When you recognize His wisdom, you will learn from Him. When you discover His strength, you will rely upon Him, but only when He saves you, will you worship Him.

It is a “before and after” story. Before your salvation, you can easily keep God at a distance. Yes, He may be important but so is your family or your career. Your salary, your status are also important.

Then comes the storms in your life. The rage. The fight. The ripped moorings. Despair falls like a fog: your bearings are gone. In your heart, you know there is no exit.

Turn to your career for help? Your friends or family? Only if you want to hide from the storm … not escape it. Lean on your status for strength? A storm is not impressed with your title or status. Suddenly you realize you are left with one option: God.

Today as if we finish this study in the word, each of us should strive to place God and His beloved son, Jesus, at the center of our lives. The rock upon which we can stand in our time of trouble and need.