Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people…” (Colossians 3:23)

When do the scriptures describe that Jesus knows he is the son of God? It is in the Temple of Jerusalem. The young Jesus was 12 years old. His parents were three days into their their journey to their hometown of Nazareth before they knew he was missing. They returned to Jerusalem to find him studying in the temple with the leaders of the day.

As a young boy, Jesus already knew the call of God on his life. But what does he do next? Did he recruited the apostles, preached sermons and performed miracles. No. He returned home to his family and learned the family business.

This is exactly what you and I should do. Do you want to bring focus into your life? Do what Jesus did. Go home be a part of your family and take care of your business. Many people will say, “But I want to go to the mission field,” or “I want to do something special for God.” What would cause you to think that they will believe on the mission field if they don’t believe you in your own home and community? Be like Jesus. Reach your world first and then reach out to a lost and hurting world.